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Recruitment Services
license #: 23C1574 
 Agent: Barry Koh/R23115304


Welcome to our MustardTree recruitment service page, our social enterprise now includes recruitment and job placements services, expanding beyond retail and training. We are committed to fostering an inclusive society where everyone, regardless of physical or mental disabilities, has equal opportunities to thrive at the work place. 

At MustardTree, we recognize the unique talents, abilities, and potential that individuals with special needs possess. Our primary objective is to bridge the gap between individuals with special needs and the job market, enabling them to pursue and achieve their career aspirations.

With our expanded services, we aim to provide a holistic approach to recruitment for individuals with special needs. We understand the specific challenges they may face and tailor our services to meet their unique needs, ensuring they are best matched for success.

Our recruitment services strive to connect employers with qualified candidates, promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By partnering with organizations that share our vision, we hope to create a strong network of potential employers who value the contributions and perspectives of individuals with disabilities. Through this collaboration, we strive to break down barriers and challenge societal stigmas, fostering a more inclusive workforce. In addition, we offer services like resume building and interview preparation to skills training and career counseling/interviews. 

At MustardTree, we are committed to promoting equal access to opportunities, empowering individuals with special needs, and creating a world where their abilities are celebrated. 

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Creating Inclusive Opportunities: Connect with Us for Special Needs Job Placements

Calling all employers and job seekers with diverse abilities! Connect with us using the contact details provided below. We're dedicated to bridging the gap between individuals with special needs and the job market. Let's work together to make career aspirations a reality for everyone.

WhatsApp: 96315069/

Wheelchair Athlete


We understand that the suitability of our services for individuals with special needs may vary based on their unique circumstances. Rest assured, we are committed to assessing each case on an individual basis to determine the suitability of our programs. We will make every effort to provide support and assistance to individuals with special needs, striving to fulfill their career aspirations to the best of our abilities.

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