Mustard Tree Flowers social enterprise
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About Us

Our Business Credo

To achieve our social objectives, we must first establish a healthy brand, recognized for great products and a good cause.


We believe in empowering special needs people with comparable craft skills and self-worth. Resulting profits will be reinvested to create new businesses, training and jobs for people with special needs.


We are responsible to our customers who trust us with their patronage. We will operate the company with utmost integrity and love so that our special needs artisans may enjoy a dignified life.

Our Philosophy



In a systematic way, we work with product designers and craft teachers to conceptualize ideas before turning them into tangible products that are uniquely ours. 

These product ideas must first and foremost be marketable, easy to teach people with special needs and of merchantable quality,   

Strict Quality


Mustard Tree's most discerning Quality Standards are the ones we place on ourselves and therefore our customer can always rely on us to provide good quality products that meet standards.


We have implemented a very strict Quality Management system to ensure reliability of our products.


This has resulted in higher wastages and rework but the additional effort is worth its weight in gold when it brings a smile to our customers.

Profits Reinvestment

We want to maximize the social impact and organization growth. Here are 5 ways we intend to spend our profits:


Pay Debts

Paying down business debts or capital loans will help the company, save money, stay nibble over the longterm.


Build Capability

We will invest in training, systems and service to ensure we continue to maintain a high standard of product quality and services


Brand Building 

This is the most important steps for a sustainable business, and requires a great deal of care, strategy, and attention. 


Talent Development & Retention 

We want to ensure our employees and  special needs comrades are given the full opportunity to develop and grow with us. 


Invest internally & Externally

 We want to drive new category growth and related businesses to maximize employment opportunities for our special needs comrades

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