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Our Programs


Corporate Program

We have a range of bespoke corporate programs (CSR programs) where our special needs apprentices work alongside corporate participants/employees to co-create craft work under the care and guidance of our facilitators. The objective of this program is designed to create awareness for people with special needs and a fun filled opportunity to work with differently abled people.

Off Premise Training

We work with SPED (Special Education) schools and Adult Day Activity Centers to conduct on-site training for special needs students. Our objective is to engage these special needs individuals in meaningful craft work, hone fine motor skills and build self confidence. It is our hope that through these engagements, we are able to uncover a few raw talents for further training with us. It is our intention to use our training and retail platforms to help these special talents start their journey of dignified self reliance.

On Premise Training

Our trainers and facilitators conduct workshops at the shop premises for special needs apprentices. Our objective is to engage these special needs individuals in meaningful craft work, hone fine motor skills and build self confidence. Students enrolled for our on-premise training are exposed to a wide range of training including but not limited to floristry, sewing, patchwork, decoupage and others. These trainings are generally more intensive and requires consistent follow through by caregivers. We aim to train these special needs individuals on various crafts so that in due time they may become specialists of their crafts.

Once a week (4 hours each session)




SMART™ Moves aims to strengthen a student’s sensory-motor brain fitness and accelerate learning speed using a proven and personalised gym-based programme.















Targeted Areas of Improvement

  1. Focus and organisation

  2. Rhythm and timing

  3. Learning speed

  4. Body and spatial awareness

  5. Advance visual skills

  6. Gross and fine motor skills

  7. Confidence

SMART Listening™ utilises the Fast ForWord® family of products, proven for its effectiveness at MIT, Stanford and Harvard Universities. 






Targeted Area of Improvement

  1. Auditory Processing

  2. Ability to follow instructions

  3. Auditory memory

  4. Receptive and expressive language skills

  5. Reading and comprehension

  6. Learning speed

  7. Attention and focus

  8. Communication and social skills

  9. Confidence

Craft Training aims to develop & equip our apprentices with craft skills and capabilities so  so that they can participate in periodic craft projects and stay meaningfully engaged at home with support from their caregiver/s.






















  1. Meaningful Engagement

  2. Provide a structured environment for continuous learning

  3. Qualified apprentices can access our retail services/platforms

  4. Qualified apprentices will be engaged for project work.

  5. Stop regression and reinstate progression













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Fight Regression and Reinstate Progressi
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